Out of the collective minds of some rather lazy college students from around Texas comes the world of Kemen and the great city of Flotsam and all the stories and adventures wherein.

“So boyo, have ye’ ever lost you ship from under yer feet while in the ocean’s cruel bosom? Have ye’ ever clung to that last spit o’ timber? Cause if that misbegotten bit o’ wood somehow was raised to the dignity of a city, it’d be Flotsam.

Cause this city don care if ye’ be highest o’ lord o’ commonest wretch, it don matter if ye’ a’r thief o’ high holy man, once you grab on to it. If ye’ can survive the mighty big waves and bitter cold of her uncaring waters, and if ye’ be lucky that the denizens of her dark heart don take an interest in ye then she will carry ye’ on the tide to all the opportunities of second life. Ye’ just have to cling to that spit like it be yer lover’s warm breast o’ the god’s last embrace."

Urul Calardan -Captain of the Unto Dawn

The Big City and Everything Else

Fantasy city by araiel synoverfl0w AManFromIrktusk