Urul Calardan

Captain of the Unto Dawn


Urul Calardan is the Captain of the treasure ship Unto Dawn. Nothing is known about his early life, before he sailed into Flotsam some thirty years before the Common Era on his massive galleon laden with treasures from unknown shores beyond he seas. He claims to be of half-orc, half-elven descent, and to have been born in Flotsam harbor, before boarding ship which crossed the unknown and dangerous Southern Seas to empires of fantastic wealth.

Whenever he sets sail men crowd the docks and fight tooth and nail to get to the front tof the recruitment line to join his crew. Though many captains have tried to repeat his success none have found the source of his treasure of gold, spices, and silks and many captains haven’t returned from such attempts. With every new voyage his wealth grows as does the envy of those of long for what he has gained.

To sail the seas as I have, you must sacrifice as I have

Urul Calardan, Captain of the Unto Dawn

Urul Calardan

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