Flotsam is a sprawling port city on the southern coast of Kemen. It is a large city with a major port on the (name bay later) with the Estar River flowing through its center and the Ishtar River flowing on its western edge.


Government and Ruling Families

City Districts

By convention and by local law Flotsam is divided to many different districts made distinct by the class of person able to live with the district. These districts are divided from one another by either the Estar RIver or by walls which split the city and that only city guardsmen and certain nobles are permitted the enter or to climb. Standards for law and order and for general upkeep vary with the wealth and statues of the district. Finding oneself in the wrong part of town can end with a hapless person being killed for trespassing on a nobles city home in the Upper Class District or for the penitence coins in their pockets in the Poor District.

The Keep

The Port District

The Quarter

Considered by some to be the heart of the city of Flotsam, the Quarter represents the intersection between old and new power in Flotsam. The Guilds and new class of merchants call this district their home. (see Flotsam: The Quater)

The Temple District

The Merchant Disticts

The Poor District

Notable Persons

Urul Calardan -Captain of the Unto Dawn




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